Duplex Vacuum Plodder

The duplex vacuum plodder is the machine which extrudes the final soap which suitable for stamping. The extruder screw of top noodle plodder takes the milled soap ribbons of soap from hopper and presses the soap as it tries to pass through noodle plate. There is a rotating knife which cuts the noodles as they come out of the noodle plate.  The noodles fall in the vacuum chamber. The screw of the bottom screw binds the soap noodles under vacuum as the soap mass comes out under pressure from the mouth of the cone through the die. Extruder has a seamless pipe SS-304 stainless steel. Aluminum alloy screw is rotating inside the pipe. The pressing action binds the soap under vacuum. The soap as it emerges from the conical mouth of the plodder it is cut into bars of suitable sizes. The pipe is jacketed to circulate water in it. Mouth of cone is jacketed and has facility to hold temperature sensor and heater. After certain temperature is attained it is maintained by thermostat mechanism which assures that soap bar emerges freely and has shiny appearance. If temperature is too high soap surface will be blistered and if the temperature is too low the soap surface will be dull. The screw is rotated by shaft revolving in pedestals. The pedestal has tapered roller bearings which take heavy axial and radial load. The shaft is driven by a gear box.

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