Reciprocating Cake Cutter

Reciprocating Cake Cutter is a table where cut bars can be stored as buffer. Bar are kept in front of a reciprocating pusher one by one. The bar is pushed through a Wire Frame which cuts the soap as per the distance between two wires. The wire can be adjusted to get exact weight of cake cut from the bar. The frame on which wire is fixed is adjustable and also can be changed for rapid change of size. If client requires different sizes of soaps then it is advisable to have different frames so to save on setting time. Extra frames can also be kept to minimize stopover time in case of wire breaking. The reciprocating cutter also has a attachment to stamp logo or brand name on one side of soap after the bar is cut. The cutter is powered by 1HP motor and can cut upto 30 bars a minute.

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Sizes Available :-

Table Size - 24" x 48"

Table Size - 30" x 60"